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Exhibitor Information

How To Enter

There are three simple steps to enter the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards:

  • Read through the competition entry booklet and the categories you can enter product into;
  • Complete the online entry process at - or send your paper entry form to ADSA - and arrange payment for your entries; and
  • Upon receiving confirmation of your entries and for your product delivery instructions, submit your Exhibits to ADSA for judging.

Why You Should Enter

Entering your product into the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards provides your business with the opportunity to:

  • Benchmark your products against industry standards;
  • Receive feedback from independent industry experts;
  • Market your spirits and liqueurs with a seal of quality;
  • Promote and position your products through RASV associated events, including the Exhibitor and Trade Tasting on Friday 22 April.

What You Should Know When Entering

  • The Australian Distilled Spirits Awards is a credible and impartial competition.
  • The competition is endorsed by the Australian Distillers Association (ADA) and its members.
  • The judging panel boasts some of the nation’s most highly respected spirits and liqueurs industry professionals, from educators and writers to retailers and distributors.
  • Entries are blind tasted and judged on their own merits against a set of criteria.
  • Entries are allocated a tasting order number to ensure the anonymity of the Exhibit and to protect the integrity of the judging process.

Entry Eligibility

  • Exhibitors must be registered with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a licensed distiller or manufacturer and must provide a copy of their ATO Excise Manufacturer Licence (EML) during the entry process.
  • In the event that the Exhibitor is not the manufacturer (distiller) of the product entered, the Exhibitor warrants that they have the relevant permits and or licences to enter the product.
  • Entries must be manufactured (distilled) and packaged in Australia.
  • Entries must comply with Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 2.7.5 - Spirits, and must not contain any illegal additives.
  • Entries must comply with the Australian regulatory requirements that apply in relation to product, labelling and excise (including the Excise Act 1901).
  • Entries must be of sound, marketable quality from a commercial production or batch, finished and sealed in their final container with Batch / Barrel / Cask / Bottle Numbers.
  • Entries must be commercially available in the precise composition and in the same packaging, including the labels, in which it is sent for judging. Tank samples and especially bottled batches will not be accepted as entries into the competition.
  • An Exhibit can only be entered once into the ADSA, however an Exhibitor can enter a maximum of five (5) Exhibits into a class as long as they can demonstrate a technical difference between the Exhibits.
  • Entrants are responsible for ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of their entries.
  • Exhibits entered not meeting these criteria will not be judged.

Entry Fees (include GST)

Mode of Entry


Closing Date



Online entry facility closes at 5pm AEDT, Friday 4 March 2016



For entries received by email, post and fax before 5pm AEDT, Friday 4 March 2016.  Entries received after this time attract a $5 per entry late fee.


2016 ADSA entries and full payment must be received by RASV no later than 5pm on Friday 4 March, 2016.  Entries received after the closing date will not be guaranteed admission to the competition.  Entries will not be accepted until the entry fee is received in full.  Visa, MasterCard, Cheque and Money Order are all accepted, Amex is not.  Please make Cheques and Money Orders payable to The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Ltd.  Online entries will not be validated until payment is received.  Entry fees are non-refundable.

Paper entry forms can be emailed, posted or faxed to:




Scanned entry forms only will be accepted

Australian Distilled Spirits Awards
The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria
Melbourne Showgrounds
Epsom Road
Ascot Vale VIC 3032

(03) 9281 7561

Please contact the Event Manager, Damian Nieuwesteeg, on (03) 9281 7461 if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your entry form.


2016 Key Dates

Entries Open Monday 1 February
Entries Close Friday 4 March
Judging Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 April
Awards Presentation Thursday 21 April
Exhibitor Tasting Friday 22 April

Exhibit Requirements

For Judging

Following are the minimum quantities required to be submitted for judging - remembering that an Exhibit may only be entered if it is commercially available in the precise composition and in the same packaging, including the labels, in which it is sent for judging. Exhibits entered not meeting these criteria will not be judged.


Quantity Required for Judging


One (1) x 700mL bottle or equivalent

All other Classes

Two (2) x 700mL bottles or equivalent

NB: In addition to samples being used for judging, they are used to verify that products entered are commercially available and comply with labelling and other regulatory requirements. They are also used for promotional purposes including media and VIP tastings, and in displays of Medal and Trophy winning product.

For the purpose of this competition, ‘bottle’ means a 700mL capacity receptacle.

Held Finished Bottled Stock Requirement

With the exception of Small Batch and Whisky entries where a minimum of 100L (litres) held finished bottled stock is required (12 dozen x 700mL bottles or equivalent volume), 500L (litres) of held finished bottled stock is required for all entries (60 dozen x 700mL bottles or equivalent volume). This stock must have been commercially bottled by Friday 1 April, the final day to submit your product to ADSA.

Where your Entry Is

The Minimum Quantity of Held Finished Stock Is

Small Batch

100L (litres) [maximum production allowed = 250L]


100L (litres)

All other Classes

500L (litres)

Awards Presentation and Exhibitor Tasting

Exhibitors whose exhibits have won a Gold Medal and are eligible for a trophy at the 2016 ADSA Presentation will be required to supply, at their own expense, a minimum of five (5) x 700mL bottles or equivalent of their Gold Medal winning exhibit for consumption at the Awards Presentation in Melbourne on Thursday 21 April.

Additionally, Gold Medal winning Exhibitors must have available for immediate dispatch to RASV an additional bottle (700mL or equivalent volume) of each Gold Medal winning Exhibit for use at the Exhibitor Tasting on Friday 22 April.

Exhibitors will be notified under embargo by email on Thursday 14 April if the additional stock is required. Exhibitors should arrange immediate delivery to arrive by no later than Tuesday 19 April.

Third-Party / Contract Manufacturing

Third-party, contract-produced spirits and liqueurs can be entered either by the contract distiller or by the retailer of the spirit or liqueur, however each must acknowledge the other in the entry process. Both the producer and the retailer will be recognised in all official announcements of results by RASV, including announcements of class results and trophies, and in the Results Catalogue - trophy status will recognise the producer of the Exhibit ‘on behalf of’ the retailer. Spirits and liqueurs produced under contract by a third-party are ineligible for the Champion Australian Distiller Trophy.

A retailer is defined as, among other things, a supermarket chain, liquor store outlet, franchise, etc. - i.e. the seller of the spirit or liqueur.

Instructions for Entering Spirits or Liqueur Produced Under Contract

For Contract-distillers

Third-party, contract-distillers entering spirits or liqueurs that have been produced under contract for, or on behalf of, a retailer must acknowledge the retailer during the entry process by providing their name and contact details. When entering online, contract-distillers must create an account in their own name, rather than in the name of the retailer, and must declare the Exhibit as being exhibited ‘on behalf of’ the retailer.

For Retailers and Distributors 

Retailers entering spirits or liqueurs that have been produced for them under contract by a distillery must acknowledge the contract-distiller during the entry process by providing their name and contact details. When entering online, retailers must create an account in their own name, rather than in the name of the distiller.

If you are entering spirits and liqueurs on your own behalf as well as for a company for whom you are contract-distilling, you will need to establish two separate accounts. One account will be in your name for your entries. A separate account will need to be created as per the above instructions for the entries which you have contract-distilled for a retailer. Note that the same product cannot be entered twice.

Submitting Your Entries

Once payment has been received and your entries have been verified as correct and accepted for entry into the 2016 ADSA, you will receive by email an Exhibitor Entry Confirmation containing your labels in PDF format and instructions on how to submit your entries. Please contact the Event Manager if you do not receive this email.

Notification of your exhibits having been received in good order by ADSA will be via email from Exhibitors will be advised if exhibits have not been received or have arrived damaged.