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Judging Process

Judging of the 2016 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards will take place at Melbourne Showgrounds on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 April. Judging is closed to Exhibitors and the public.

Entries will be allocated a Tasting Order Number, separate from the Catalogue (Exhibit) Number, to ensure the anonymity of the Exhibit and to retain the integrity of the judging process. Additionally, Exhibits will be judged ‘blind’. Exhibits are judged according to class and by percentage alcohol (% ABV); lowest to highest. Exhibits are critically and quantitatively evaluated for their commercial excellence, quality attributes and trueness to type. Exhibits are not judged or ranked again each other but are assessed on their own merits.

Entries will be judged to the internationally recognised 100 point scoring system. Attribute scores for each Exhibit will be awarded, checked, and entered by the judging panel. Classes will be judged to Bronze, Silver and Gold medal. The process for determining the trophy winner of each category requires an additional level of scrutiny. The gold medal spirits from each category will be individually and independently reassessed and ranked using the Borda Count method – only Gold Medal awarded Exhibits are eligible for Trophies. To illustrate the ranking, if there are four (4) Gold Medal Gin Exhibits, those four Exhibits will be reassessed and ranked from highest to lowest with three (3) being the highest, two (2), one (1), and zero (0), with the highest scoring Exhibit (in this example, the Exhibit ranked three [3]) winning the Champion Gin Trophy. If there are five (5) Gold Medal Gin Entries, the rank is from four (4) to zero (0), and so on.

A head judge will be appointed by RASV to ensure that the judging is conducted in an efficient and professional manner, to ensure a consistency in scoring across the judging panels and to adjudicate where panels may be divided in the awarding of a score. The Head Judge will have the final power to arbitrate the Awards.

Each judging panel will consist of three (3) Judges and one (1) Associate.

Awards may be withheld or restricted in any class where exhibits are considered unworthy or if insufficient entries are available. The Head Judge, in consultation with the Event Manager, shall have the power to reallocate, dismiss or disqualify as being ineligible for judging, any exhibit which, in their opinion, does not comply with the regulations in every respect, and such reallocation, dismissal or disqualification shall be accepted as final.