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What can I enter?
An Exhibit may only be entered if it is commercially available in the precise composition and in the same packaging, including the labels, in which it is sent for judging.  Exhibits entered not meeting these criteria will not be judged.

Exhibits submitted in packaged form must be from a commercial bottling run.  Cans, PET containers, and cork or crown-sealed bottles are acceptable.  Flip-top (or swing-top) bottles will not be accepted unless sealed with a tamper evident label.  Product may be package conditioned.

Each Exhibit in a packaged format (e.g. can, PET or bottle) must consist of not less than 6,400mL (millilitres), e.g. 18 x 355mL bottles or equivalent, sent in branded containers.  Exhibits not commercially labelled with labels that meet all legal labelling requirements in their country of origin will not be judged.

Exhibits submitted in draught form must consist of not less than 10L and must be in commercially appropriate and clearly identifiable casks or kegs; i.e. either Type D or A kegs – Cornelius (Corny) kegs and other home-brew type containers will not be accepted.  Product may be cask conditioned.

Kegs used must be the property of the entering brewery or brewer and or the property of a keg rental provider used under agreement (e.g. Kegstar), and should be brewery branded or otherwise clearly labelled as to its contents and ownership.  Kegs submitted that are not the property of the Exhibitor or of a rental keg provider used under agreement will be withdrawn and disqualified.  Upon the completion of judging and the associated events, unless alternate arrangements are made kegs will be collected by Hellmann for on-forwarding to those Exhibitors who indicated during the entry process that their kegs should be returned.  Kegs will only be released to the Exhibitor who entered the kegs.  Kegs not returned or collected within 60 days of the completion of AIBA 2016 will be disposed of.

How do you use the beer I send?

In addition to samples being used for judging, they are used to verify that products entered are commercially available and comply with labelling and other regulatory requirements.  They are also used for promotional purposes including VIP and media tastings, at the Presentation Dinner, Exhibitor and Trade Tasting and consumer events, and in displays of Trophy and Medal winning product.  Exhibit stock remaining after AIBA judging has been completed will remain the property of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV).

What happens after I send in my Application for Entry?

Once applications for entry have been processed, you will be sent an Exhibitor Confirmation Email detailing labelling and delivery instruction.

Can we pay for our entries in other currencies?

No, payment is accepted in Australian (AUD) dollars only.  2016 AIBA entries and full payment must be received by RASV no later than Thursday 24 March.  Entries received after the closing date will not be guaranteed admission to the competition.  Entries will not be accepted until the entry fee is received in full.  Visa, MasterCard, Cheque and Money Order are all accepted, Amex is not.  Please make Cheques and Money Orders payable to The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Ltd.  Online entries will not be validated until payment is received.  Entry fees are non-refundable.

How many beers can I enter in each class?

An Exhibitor can enter a maximum of five (5) Exhibits into a class so long as they can demonstrate a technical difference between the Exhibits.  A beer can only be entered once, either in draught or packaged formats or both, so long as the different formats are entered into the same class and beer style.  Exhibits must be entered in their correct class according to style.

Do I send my Exhibits in with my Application Form?

No, we only initially need your form. The delivery date and delivery instructions, including the labels you must affix to your entries, are provided with your Exhibitor Confirmation Email which is sent once your entries have been paid for and processed.

How do I need to present my beers for judging?
In addition to being commercially available as entered, including bearing labels that meet all legal labelling requirements in their country of origin, all Exhibits must bear AIBA-issued labels which show the:

  1. Year of the competition;
  2. Class number;
  3. Sub-class if applicable;
  4. Exhibit number;
  5. Class name; and the
  6. Hellmann Registration Number (HRN) – a four-digit alphanumeric code used by Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the logistics provider of AIBA.

AIBA competition labels containing the above information will be included in the Exhibitor Confirmation Email that will be sent once your entry has been confirmed and payment received in full. Exhibitors are required to print the labels in the precise format they are sent (preserving size, font, etc.) and securely attach them to each container (bottle, can, keg, etc.) submitted for entry.  Instructions accompany the labels.

Can a brewer and distributor enter the same Exhibit?

No, in the case that both the brewer and distributor enter the same beer, the distributor will be notified and offered a refund for this entry as beers can only be entered once.

Can I attend the judging?

No, judging of the Australian International Beer Awards is closed to the public. However, there is an Exhibitor and Trade Tasting held after the Awards Presentation. Two invitations per Exhibitor will be allocated.

When are the results available?

The results will be announced at the Presentation of Awards Dinner on Thursday 19 May and will then be released at 12.00am the following morning. Results Catalogues, containing point scores for all Exhibits will be mailed to all Exhibitors approximately two weeks after the winners are announced.

What happens if I win a medal?

Your results pack will contain the certificate for your medal winning Exhibit along with the artwork and instructions on how to use the artwork. Please note, your designers/printers will have suitable software to open the files.

Is there an awards ceremony?

The Presentation of Awards Dinner will be held on Thursday 19 May to recognise Trophy winners and nominees. This event is primarily aimed at the beer and brewing industry whilst there will be tickets available to the general public.  Tickets on sale Friday 18 March. 

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