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Australian International Coffee Awards

The Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) is the Asia Pacific’s premier coffee roasting competition

The AICA celebrates and promotes coffee roasting excellence in Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific region and around the world and is a partner event of the 2015 Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

This year's categories included Espresso, Milk Based Coffee and Filter, including Pour Over and Syphon Coffee.  A new class and trophy has been introduced for coffees roasted to be used in coffees made with soyamilk.

2015 AICA Champions

Click here to view the Champions of the 2015 Australian International Coffee Awards. 

Click here to download a copy of the 2015 Trophy and Medal Guide.

What AICA trophy and medal winners say about entering

“The AICA has proven to be a competition with integrity and the most relevance to the general public and our target wholesale customers. Winning gold for two of our Custom Roast Projects has generated leads that we have converted into happy, engaged accounts that are confident in the quality and service we deliver.” Tom Ervin – Ward, Clark St Roasters

“Winning a gold medal has given our brand immeasurable exposure, credibility and recognition in the wholesale coffee supply marketplace, and has driven the expansion of our newly opened roasting plant in Kensington. It has given me greater confidence in my roasting ability and drives me to further improve and always excel with how we do things at Reverence.” Andreas Martinu, Reverence

“Winning a gold medal validates what we are doing as a business and team. It has been great for the staff because it brings a level of self-belief in the product and what we do. It helps keep you motivated as a group, because you feel like the hard work, effort and dedication is rewarded.” Tony Strickett, Coffex

“Winning Gold on an international level completely validates what we are doing and why we are doing it. Our business is up 30% on this time last year, and we attribute a significant part of this to the profile gained by winning an international gold medal.” Betsy Prujean, Rush Coffee

“We take pride in our awards! Internally, the awards affirm our excellence and best practices while positive PR has strengthened both our brand and competition differentiation. The value to Toasted Espresso has been an increase in brand recognition and the benefits that go with it.” Marika Cserepanyi, Toasted Coffee