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Exhibitor Information

How To Enter

There are three steps to enter the Australian International Coffee Awards:

  • Read through the competition schedule and the competition classes you can enter coffee into;
  • Complete the entry form online and arrange payment for your entries;
  • Wait for confirmation of your entries and for your product delivery instructions.

What You Should Know When Entering

  • A maximum of five (5) entries can be entered into any one class;
  • A coffee can be entered into multiple categories where there is a different brew type (espresso, milk or soy based or filter);
  • All entries must be produced and available commercially at time of entry;
  • The Australian International Coffee Awards is a credible and impartial competition;
  • All entries are blind tasted and judged against a set of criteria;
  • All judges are chosen on the basis of their industry knowledge and expertise;
  • Entrants are responsible for ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of their entries and that the entries must include a use by or best by date.

Entry Fees

$145 AUD per online entry.

Entry is online only in 2017. 

No entry will be accepted until receipt of the entry fee is received in full. Please note entry fees will not be refunded.

Payment can be made by Cheque, Mastercard or Visa  payments. Please note that we do not accept AMEX.

Please make cheques payable to: The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Ltd

How To Enter

Online entry

Online entries can be submitted at

Go to Entries on the left hand side of the Australian International Coffee Awards home page, click Enter Online and our online entry wizard will guide you through the steps to complete your entries.

For additional information on the online entry process read the Help page in the Entries menu.

Third Party Manufacturing

To be eligible for an Australian International Coffee Awards trophy the Exhibit can be submitted by either the Roaster or the retailer/brand owner who has had the product roasted under contract.

Both the Roaster and the brand owner or retailer will be recognised in all official announcements of results by the RASV, including announcements of class results and in the results catalogue. 

When a trophy is awarded to an Exhibit which has been produced under contract, the Trophy will recognize the roaster first and then the retailer or the brand owner.

For detailed information refer to the section on ‘Third Party Manufacturing’ in the entry booklet.