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Judging Process

Judging in 2018 will take place Wednesday 7 - Friday 9 March in the Royal Block, Melbourne Showgrounds.

Each Class will be assigned to a judging panel or judging panels where the entries will be blind tasted. Entries will be allocated a tasting order number, separate from exhibit number to ensure the integrity of the judging process.

Each judging panel will consist of 2 Judges, and Associate (where appropriate).

Medals are awarded to coffees at this panel tasting round.

Coffee will be judged to a 60 point scoring system. Any gold medals awarded by a panel will be checked by the Head Judge to ensure consistency in the award of medals.

Medals will be awarded as follows:

Gold 54 to 60 points

Silver 49 to 53.9 points

Bronze 44.5 to 48.9 points

The process for determining the Champion Coffee for each brew type and Champion Direct Trade or Microlot Coffee requires an additional level of scrutiny. The gold medal coffee from a brew type will be reassessed by the judges on that panel

The best gold medal winning coffees of each brew type are tasted blind and ranked using the Borda Method to determine the trophy winners.

For example, for the tasting to award the Champion Espresso trophy where four coffees will be tasted, a judge’s top choice will be ranked 3, second choice 2, third choice 1, and fourth choice 0. The ranking scores attributed by each judge to each coffee are calculated, with the highest scoring coffee winning the trophy.

The awarded points will be counted and checked. The Head Judge will have the final power to arbitrate the Awards where a consensus decision cannot be reached by the judging panel.

Judges may in their absolute discretion decline to make an award in any Class. Awards may be withheld in any Class where exhibits are considered unworthy or where the Judges for any reason and in their absolute discretion decide that any award shall be withheld.

The Head Judge will have the power to disqualify or dismiss, as being ineligible for judging, any exhibit which, in his opinion, does not comply with the AICA regulations, such disqualification will be final.

The above instructions do not in any way limit or restrict any of the powers, discretions, rights, and duties conferred upon the Judges by the regulations or the RASV’s powers under the regulations.