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Exhibitor Information


  • The Australian Food Awards is a credible and impartial competition;
  • All entries must be produced in Australia and commercially available at time of entry;
  • An Exhibit can only be entered once into the Awards;
  • All entries are blind tasted, judged and scored against set criteria;
  • Entries will be allocated a tasting order number to ensure the confidentiality of the Exhibit and to protect the integrity of the judging process;
  • All judges are chosen on the basis of their industry knowledge and expertise;
  • Entrants are responsible for ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of their entries and that entries include a use by or best by date


There are three simple steps to enter the Australian Food Awards:

  • Read through the enclosed Entry Book and the Categories you can enter product into;
  • Complete the entry form online and arrange payment for your entries and;
  • Wait for confirmation of your Entries and for your product delivery instructions.


Online entries can be submitted at

Go to Entries on the left hand side of the Australian Food Awards home page, click Enter Online and our online entry wizard will guide you through the steps to complete your entries.

For additional information on the online entry process read the Help page in the Entries menu. 


24 Feb   


4 July

Convenience Foods

5 July

Baked Goods, Grains and Legumes, Pasta; Pantry Goods

6 July

Bread; Dairy, Sheep, Goat and Buffalo, Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet

7 July

Baked Goods (Fresh)

14 July

Truffles; Meat-Beef, Lamb Pork and Goat

17 July

Meat – Smallgoods, Uncooked Sausages, Poultry – Chicken, Duck, Eggs

19 July


15 Aug    

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavoured Oil, Table Olives

No late deliveries will be permitted. Any late deliveries received will be withdrawn from the competition.

Entries for Bread and Baked Goods, Pasta, Truffles, Seafood and Fresh Gelato need to be received at the Melbourne Showgrounds between 6.00-8.00am on the delivery date listed above.

Detailed delivery instructions and labels, which contain the Class and Exhibit number for each Entry will be sent to you by email, once your entry form and payment have been processed.

Notification of your delivery being received will be sent via email. Where Exhibits have not been received on time, Exhibitors will be contacted on the day following the due date.


To be eligible for an AFA Trophy the Exhibit must be submitted by the producer or the retailer who has had the product produced under contract. The contract producer must be listed a part of the entry process.

Both the producer and the brand owner or retailer will be recognized in all official announcement of results by the RASV, including announcements of class results and in the results catalogue.

Where a trophy is awarded to an Exhibit which has been produced under contract, the Trophy will recognise the producer first and then the retailer or brand owner.

For detailed information refer to the section on 'Third Party Manufacturing' in the Entry Booklet.