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Judges for the Australian Food Awards are selected from across Australia and are engaged based on their outstanding industry knowledge and expertise. Judges are sourced from a broad base and include food manufacturers and producers, chefs, food writers, food retailers and educators as well as from within specialist industry associations. The full list of 2017 Australian Food Awards judges will be announced at a later date.


Penny Woodward
Trevor Gray
Siu Ling Hui
Janice Sutton


Joanne Feehan                                   Under One Roof Agency
Janet Lillie                                           South Melbourne Market
Phil Vernon                                          Melbourne Food Depot


Gina DalSanto                                     Artisan Cheese-making Academy
Ceridwen Brown                                 Milawa Cheese
Sam Cutri                                            RMIT University
Anthony Femia                                    Maker and Monger
Keith Glewis                                        FoodPlus Technical Consultants
Chris Higgs                                          National Centre for Dairy Education Australia
Janos Kaldy                                         Dairy Industry Association of Australia
Jenny Kaldy                                         Dairy Industry Association of Australia
Bernard Keane                                    Boccaccio Cellars
Penny Lawson                                    Cheesetopia
Riccardo Malacassa                             Majors Group
Diane Morrell                                       Lion Dairy and Drinks
Aaron Pooch                                       Tetra Pak
Jessica Sanderson                              Lite n’ Easy
Miranda Sharp                                     Melbourne Farmers Market
Laura Simon                                        Calendar Cheese
Bill Tzimas                                            Bill’s Farm Australia
Geraldine Walker                                 Nature’s Dairy
Joel McKaay (Associate)                      Calendar Cheese
Sara Werhenbach (Associate)             Calendar Cheese


Andrea Ciabattoni                              Pasta Fresca
Tony Dench                                        Dench Bakers
Kelly Donati                                        William Angliss                
Anthony Gigliotti                                 Phillipa’s Bakery
Bronwyn Graham                               William Angliss
Neil Hargreaves                                  Nb Group
Greg Hants                                         Gabriel Gateux
Paul Italiano                                       Maria’s Select
Lou Licastro                                        National Food Institute
Odette Martini                                     Dench Bakers
Neil Murray
Phil Mutton                                          Mondelez International
Stephen Raphael
Michell Thrift                                        Michelle Thrift Home Economist
Jane Wong                                          Stickifingers


Frank Bovezza                                   Frank Bovezza Artisan Agent     
Stuart Chandler                                 Retired, Corporate Brand Manager Haigh’s Chocolates
Brendon Hill                                       Gordon TAFE
Helmut Huber                                    Victorian Beekeeper Club
Wendy Jarvis                                     William Angliss
Vanessa Kwiatowski                          Rooftop Honey
Steven Lee                                        Food technologist
Matthew Lumalasi                             Rooftop Honey
Wendy Maslin                                    Food Innovation Australia Ltd
Lisa O’Connor                                    Jam Lady Jam
Andrew Papas                                   Montana Group
Toni Papas                                         Montana Group
Dylen Roden                                      Dylen Roden Consulting
Carol Rothschild                                Foodservice Australia
John Roy                                            Fowlers Vacola
Nicole Roy                                          Fowlers Vacola
Cam Smith                                         3RRR
Jess Szczgielski                                 Melbourne Food Depot
Charlene Trist                                    On the Table
Dani Valent                                        Dani Valent Cooking
Peter Wilson                                      Kennedy and Wilson
Jane Wong                                        Stickifingers
Andrew Wooton                                Victorian Beekeeper Club
Elaine Young                                     Edible Journeys


Ray Ashman                                       William Angliss
Thomas Beuke                                   Beltana Butchery
Matthew Connolly                             Hansa Butchery and Smallgoods
Mitch Edwards                                   Pork Australia
Gerhard Feiner                                  Fibrisol Service Australia
Les Gado                                           The European
Kerr Griffin                                         Castricum Master Meats                             
Mark Inglis                                         JBS Australia
Robert Kabboord                               Quay
Rosa Mitchell                                     Rosa’s Kitchen
Mike Patrick                                       Fancy Hanks
Simon Poole                                      The European
Adrian Richardson                              La Luna
Nathan Schroeter                              Otway Pork
Arni Sleeman                                     Fig Fine Foods
Troy Wheeler                                    Meatsmith Specialty Butcher


Simon Friend                                                     Friend & Burrell
Cameron Russell                                               Mushroom Tours
Nigel Wood                                                        Melbourne Truffle Festival
Trevor Gray                                                       Australian Garlic Industry Association
Siu Ling Hui                                                       Food Writer
Janice Sutton                                                    Janice Sutton Communications
Penny Woodward                                             Australian Garlic Industry Association


Claudia Guillaume                                               Modern Olives
Jill Barson                                                            Leontyna Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Margaret Edwards                                              Matiatia Grove
Margi Kirkby                                                        Gwydir Olives
Richard Seymour                                                Mount Zero
Ruth Sutherland                                                 Boundary Bend Olives
Sui Tham                                                            Cape Schanck Olive Estate
Michael Thomsett                                               Michael Thomsett Horticultural Management
Peta Zito                                                            Olio Zito
Shane Cummins                                                 Long Paddock Oliver Rustlers


Janine Hunt                                                        The Chicken Pantry
Neil Penny                                                        
Jane Wong                                                          Stickifingers


Michael Canals                                                    Canals Seafood
Colin Barclay                                                       The European
Jason Collins                                                       Ocean Made Seafood
Barbara Konstas                                                 Melbourne Seafood Centre
Jerry Mai                                                             Pho Nom
Simon Smits                                                        Spencer Gulf Hiramasa


Ian Curley                                                            The European
Phillippa Grogan                                                   Phillipa’s Bakery
Jason Keays                                                        Jason Keays Catering
Alice Zaslavsky                                                    Alice in Frames