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Judges for the Australian Food Awards are selected from across Australia and are engaged based on their outstanding industry knowledge and expertise. Judges are sourced from a broad base and include food manufacturers and producers, chefs, food writers, food retailers and educators as well as from within specialist industry associations. 

 Champion Australian Product

 Ian Curley                   The European
 John Lethlean  The Australian
 Scott Pickett  Estelle  
 Miranda Sharp  Melbourne Farmers Market


Pantry Goods 

 Natalie Abboud  Coburg North Farmers Market
 Peter Dillon  Under One Roof Agency
 Anthony Downes  Downes Brokerage
 Joanne Feehan  Under One Roof Agency
 Glen Flood  Consultant chef
 Andrew Gray  Raw Materials
 Helmut Huber  Victorian Beekeeper Club
 Wayne Kershaw  Sweet and Nut Shop
 Vanessa Kwiatkowski  Rooftop Honey
 Steven Lee  Food technologist
 Mat Lumalasi  Rooftop Honey
 Lisa O'Connor  Jam Lady Jam
 Toni Pappas  Montana Group
 Andrew Pappas  Montana Group
 Stephen Powell  Food writer
 Dylan Roden  Dylan Roden Consulting
 Donna Shearsby  Scalzo Food Industries
 Pamela Tannourji  Simplot
 Phil Vernon  Melbourne Food Depot
 Sally Wise  Sally Wise Enterprises
 Jane Wong  Stickifingers
 Andrew Wooton  Victorian Beekeeper Club
 Elaine Young  Edible Journey Consulting
 Michael Zandegu                    Consultant chef and product developer



 Ueli Berger                     Lion Dairy and Drinks
 Ceridwen Brown  Milawa Cheese
 Sophie Classon  K&B:Kitchen&Butcher
 Sam Cutri  RMIT University
 Gina Dal Santo  Artisan Cheese making Academy
 Doug Eddy  RISQ Resolution
 Anthony Femia  Maker and Monger
 Keith Glewis  FoodPlus Technical Consultants
 Ian Haynes  Dairy Food Safety Victoria
 Chris Higgs  National Centre for Dairy Education Australia
 Kon Kandaras  Big Vic Deli
 Bernard Keane  Boccaccio Cellars
 Matthew McCartney  Char Dining
 Janice Roberts  National Centre for Dairy Education Australia
 Jeremy Ryland  Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group
 Jessica Sanderson  Lite and Easy
 Miranda Sharp  Melbourne Farmers Market
 Laura Simon  Calendar Cheese
 Olivia Sutton  Harper & Blohm
 Petra Sugiarto  CR Hansen
 Des Teesdale  Campari Australia
 Geraldine Walker                          Dairy Innovation Australia



 Joseph Abboud  Rumi
 Ray Ashman  William Angliss
 Thomas Beuke  Beltana Butchery
 Peter Bouchier  Peter G Bouchier Butchers of Distinction
 Frank Camorra  MoVida
 Paul Castricum  Meat and Livestock Training Services
 Matt Conolly  Hansa Butchery and Smallgoods
 Shellie Dykstra  Meat Training Australia
 Kerr Griffin  Castricum Master Meats
 Anthony Humphries  French Milk Bar
 Mark Ingliss  JBS Australia
 Kate Joseph  PrimeAg Enterprises
 Rob Kabbord  Quay
 Dom Marzano  Craft and Co.
 Rosa Mitchell  Rosa’s Kitchen
 Ross O’Meara  Bruny Island Food
 Mike Patrick  Fancy Hanks
 Simon Poole  The European
 Karl Rittmannsberger               George Weston Food



 Stuart Brookshaw  Henriettas Chicken Shop and Bar
 Janine Hunt  The Chicken Pantry
 Neil Penny  Agricultural Consultant
 Jane Wong                      Stickifingers


Grains and Pulses

 Daniel Airo                                            Merchant Osteria
 Leanne Bennett Jones  Plumbpie Enterpises
 Tony Dench   Dench Bakers
 Peter Eglinton   Laucke Flour
 Christy Freer  Nutritionist and Legumes cook book author
 Leo Gelsomino  Yak Bar
 Andrew Gray  Raw Materials
 Paul Mathis  Supercharger
 Jo Pannozzo  Victorian Department of Economic Development
 Natt Paul  Beatrix
 Mirco Speri  ThirtyeighChairs
 Christy Tania  On Nom
 Lucy Warner                                   The Empress Hotel


 Convenience Food

 Tim Drew                                   Chevalier Corporation
 Andrew Gray  Raw Materials
 Michelle Thrift  Home economist and cookbook author
 Dani Valent  Freelance food writer
 Philip Vernon                        Melbourne Food Depot



 Michael Bacash            Bacash
 Mark Briggs  Waterfront Southgate
 Michael Canals   Canals Seafood
 Jules Crocker   Joto Fresh Fish
 Flo Gerardin  Ôter
 Barbara Konstas  Melbourne Seafood Centre
 George Lucas  Ocean Made Seafood
 John Rubira             Rubira’s


Fresh Produce - Truffles

 Rodney Dunn              The Agrarian Kitchen
 Simon Friend  Friend & Burrell
 Flo Gerardin  Ôter
 Bernadette Jenner  Madam Truffles
 Cameron Russell  Mushroom Tours
 Nigel Wood  Melbourne Truffle Festival



Photo credit: Alan Benson
Growers: Terra Preta Truffles