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2017 Australian Food Awards

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2017 Australian Food Awards

14S - Best Butter (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
5303 1 Beautifully Butterfully Unsalted Butter 500g
Murray Goulburn Co-operative, Victoria
15S - Best Cheese (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
6054 1 King River Gold
Milawa Cheese Company, Victoria
16S - Best Yoghurt (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
3939 1 Mundella Greek Honey Yoghurt
Mundella Foods, Western Australia
17S - Best Cream (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
9286 1 Farmdale Fresh Thickened Cream 600ml
Murray Goulburn Co-operative, Victoria
18S - Best Milk (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
1200 1 Nepean River Dairy
Nepean River Dairy, New South Wales
19S - Best Sheep, Goat and Buffalo Cheese (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
8829 1 Marinated Chèvre
Main Ridge Dairy, Victoria
20S - Best Sheep, Goat and Buffalo Milk (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
9680 1 Drysdale Cheese Goats Milk
Drysdale Cheeses, Victoria
22S - Best Ice Cream (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
7582 1 Dooley's Ice Cream, Passionfruit
Dooley's Ice Cream, Victoria
5616 2 Hazelnut Ice Cream
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Victoria
23S - Best Gelato (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
4600 1 Maple Walnut Gelato
Gelato Gelato Pty Ltd, Victoria
24S - Best Sorbet (Best In Class Medals\Dairy)
4342 1 Prom Coast Passionfruit Coco Cream
Prom Coast Ice Cream, Victoria
25S - Best Branded Beef (Best In Class Medals\Meat)
7390 1 Stockyard Black
Stockyard Pty Ltd, Queensland
26S - Best Branded Lamb (Best In Class Medals\Meat)
5901 1 Gippsland Lamb Co
Ashburton Meats Pty Ltd, Victoria
27S - Best Branded Pork (Best In Class Medals\Meat)
5837 1 Bundarra Berkshires Free Range Pork Rack
Bundarra Berkshires, New South Wales
28S - Best Branded Goat (Best In Class Medals\Meat)
4976 1 Chevon Racks
CB & JE STewart, New South Wales
29S - Best Smallgoods (Best In Class Medals\Meat)
6689 1 Bertocchi Gold Thin & Crispy Bacon 400g
Bertocchi Smallgoods, Victoria
30S - Best Fresh Sausages (Best In Class Medals\Meat)
8649 1 Tasman Red Thai & Chilli Beef Sausages
Tasman Butchers, Victoria
31S - Best Grain or Legume (Best In Class Medals\Grains and Pulses)
4630 1 Big Kabulis
Wits End Pulses, Victoria
6617 1 Wholegrain Greenwheat Freekeh
Greenwheat Freekeh Pty Ltd, South Australia
32S - Best Bread (Best In Class Medals\Grains and Pulses)
8149 1 Organic Spelt Buckwheat & Polenta 600g
Zeally Bay Sourdough, Victoria
33S - Best Baked Goods (Best In Class Medals\Grains and Pulses)
2819 1 Coffee Walnut Cake
Sweet by Nature, Victoria
34S - Best Pasta (Best In Class Medals\Grains and Pulses)
3394 1 Fresh Pappardelle
Euro Med Pty Ltd trading as Adamo's Pasta, New South Wales
35S - Best Sweet Preserve (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
5735 1 Woodman Estate Fine Foods Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve
Tarleecooba Pty Ltd ATF Woodman Trading Trust, Victoria
36S - Best Savoury Preserve (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
2243 1 Indian Wedding Chutney
Doodles Creek Pty Ltd
37S - Best Nuts and Dried Fruits (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
8821 1 Freeze Dried Davidson Plum Powder
The Australian Superfood Co, Victoria
38S - Best Cereal and Muesli (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
1052 1 Lime, Coconut, Macadamia Burst Paleo Granola
The Australian Superfood Co, Victoria
39S - Best Crackers and Crispbreads (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
1794 1 Asterisk Kitchen Fennel and Thyme Lavosh
Baylies, south australia
41S - Best Chocolate (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
6138 1 Hunted + Gathered
Hunted + Gathered, Victoria
42S - Best Confectionery (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
4323 1 English Butter Toffee
KOKOPOD Chocolate, Queensland
45S - Best Honey (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
6824 1 Sheffield Honey Farm Leatherwood
Australian Honey Products, Tasmania
49S - Best Salt and Spices (Best In Class Medals\Pantry Goods)
7833 1 Garlic Scape Original Seasoning
Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes, Tasmania
50S - Best Branded Poultry (Best In Class Medals\Poultry)
8029 1 Milawa Free Range Poultry
Milawa Free Range Poultry Pty Ltd, Victoria
51S - Best Free Range and Barn Laid Eggs (Best In Class Medals\Poultry)
1062 1 Wild hen farm 800g
Puyol Nominees Pty Ltd, Victoria
52S - Best Fish (Best In Class Medals\Seafood)
2440 1 Cleanseas Hiramasa Kingfish
Cleanseas Seafood Limited, South Australia
53S - Best Molluscs (Best In Class Medals\Seafood)
2751 1 Port Phillip Bay Scallops
Port Phillip Bay Scallops, Victoria
55S - Best Preserved Seafoods (Best In Class Medals\Seafood)
7807 1 Eucumbene Trout Farm
Eucumbene Trout Farm, New South Wales
57S - Best Soup (Best In Class Medals\Convenience Food)
4708 1 Marisas Kitchen----Chicken Vegetable And Barly Soup
Marisa's Kitchen Pty Ltd, Victoria
58S - Best Salads (Best In Class Medals\Convenience Food)
3601 1 Pearl barley, potato and vegetable salad
Louise, Victoria
61S - Best Truffles (Best In Class Medals\Fresh Produce)
8333 1 Terra Preta Truffles
Terra Preta Truffles, New South Wales
62S - Best Garlic (Best In Class Medals\Fresh Produce)
8593 1 Spanish Roja
Wildes Lane, Victoria