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Alpacas have been part of the Royal Melbourne Show since 1991, with 37 entries in that first year. Since then the high quality of animals shown reflects the success Australian breeders have had over this short period of time.

The Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show is held in July each year and has made a name as one of the most prestigious Alpaca competitions in Australia. The RASV’s decision to hold the inaugural Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show as a stand-alone event promotes a stronger focus on breeders and opportunities for industry networking

The Alpaca Youth Parader competition will be held during the Royal Melbourne Show to promote and support young leaders in the alpaca industry.


The Alpaca Committee consists of six members who contribute their time to assist RASV in making the Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show the quality event that it is.

Committee members are:

  • John Harris (Chair)
  • Barbara Linley
  • Isabel Renters
  • Louise Lazarus
  • Bob McLeod
  • Rochelle Veitch

More Information

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If you need any further information, please contact the RASV.