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Classes & Criteria

The Alpaca competition is split into two major sections; Huacaya and Suri.  These sections are then divided into sex, age and colour groupings.
Exhibits of Huacayas must carry a minimum fleece length of 50mm and a recommended maximum length not exceeding 130mm. The minimum fleece length for Suris is 75mm and fleece length will be assessed by the Judge. Note: Huacaya 12 months and older must be shorn regularly so that no more than 15 months fleece is carried at the time of showing.


Alpacas must be entered into the correct class at their age on the first day of judging.

Colour Classification

An Alpaca is to be shown in the appropriate colour class, when it is predominantly that colour. Any colour variations will be assessed at the Judge's discretion. A predominantly grey Alpaca (grey, rose grey) is to be shown in a grey class, whether or not it has any other coloured spots present, and any colour variations will be assessed at the Judge's discretion. Exhibits shall not have fleece of a different colour to that of the blanket removed from an animal to a level below that of the blanket fleece.