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Exhibitor Information


A copy of each exhibit's Registration Certificate (both sides) must be included with each entry. Failure to provide a Registration Certificate will deem that animal ineligible for Exhibition at the Show. Only the registered owner of an Exhibit, or his/her authorised agent may sign an Entry Form.
All Entries must also be accompanied by the Alpaca Herd Health Declaration Form signed by the Exhibitor or authorised agent and a Government Veterinary Officer, if applicable. Failure to sign the Alpaca Herd Health Declaration Form will render all Alpacas of an Exhibitor ineligible to be exhibited. If there is no IAR tag present in the ear of an Exhibit, official Australian Alpaca Association Ltd confirmation (in hard copy) must be provided by the owner to the Chief Steward that the ear tag has been recently lost and that the new tag has been ordered and paid for. Replacement tag orders and payments must be lodged with the National Office a minimum of one week before the date of Show. Failure to present such advice at inspection will result in disqualification of the animal.