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Alpacas have a long domesticated history (over 4000 years) however they have only been part of the Australian landscape since being introduced in 1989. Alpacas are a low maintenance animal, providing some of the finest and strongest quality wool. 
There are two types of alpaca, the Huacaya, this animal has a “merino” type of wool, while the Suri is covered in a “dreadlocked” style wool. The alpaca industry is growing steadily in Australia and the quality and standard of animal is continually improving. 
Alpacas have been part of the Royal Melbourne Show since 1991, with 37 entries in that first year. Since then the high quality of animals shown reflects the success Australian breeders have had over this short period of time.
The Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show was first held as a stand alone event in 2013 during the first weekend of July.