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Traditional Lamingtons - Pam Mawson, CWA

Remember, all cooks have preferred recipes and their own special techniques. The following pointers are a guide only.

Pam Mawson, Chair CWA Creative Arts Committee and respected cookery competition judge offers the following tips for lamington success:

A good plain butter cake recipe is the mixture for competition lamingtons – NOT a sponge recipe.

Careful baking is essential to ensure that the cake has risen well and is evenly baked to a golden-brown colour.

If the cake is baked the day before it is required for lamingtons, it should cut cleanly without crumbling.

The cubes need to be evenly cut and of a uniform size. Check the competition schedule for any size restrictions but competition lamingtons are usually 4–5cm.

Ensure that the chocolate and coconut are evenly applied – remove any loose coconut.

The coconut should be clean and white on the lamington and not spotted with chocolate.

Some cooks prefer to coat the lamingtons in chocolate while the cake is frozen to prevent the chocolate from soaking in too far.