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Hand Knitting Top Tips

What are the judges looking for?

Judges assess competition entries against specific selection criteria to determine winners.

Read through these handy tips on how to get the judges’ attention and take home a coveted blue ribbon!

Presentation of exhibit

The overall appearance of the exhibit should be attractive, fresh and clean.

The pattern, choice of yarn and tension should be suited to the purpose of the finished item, for example, soft yarn for baby wear or a firm tension for work wear and socks.


The finished garment or article should be wearable (if appropriate) and well designed. For example, neck openings neither too big nor small, appropriate sleeve length.


The piece must demonstrate that the knitter’stechnique is competent, with the exhibit displaying no holes, loose stitches, dropped stitches, long threads, knots or joins in the middle of rows.


The colour harmony, choice and difficulty of the pattern and techniques selected to create the garment will be assessed in determining the aesthetic appeal of item.