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The 2017 Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show boasts an exceptional new judging panel!





Group 6b Dobermanns, all Schnauzers
Group 2c Balance of Breeds and Group 2 Specials
Group 5b Balance of Breeds and Group 5 Specials
A lawyer by profession, Warner Cespedes Arias was President of the Costa Rican Kennel Club for eight years.

Warner is an all rounder Judge with many years of experience. He has bred and exhibited Pointers, English Setters, German Shepherds, Dobermanns, Australian Terriers, Pekingese, Papillons, Miniature Schnauzers, Wire Fox Terriers and Pugs. Warner’s dogs have been awarded many titles, and have won exceedingly well in both national and international shows in Central America.

Warner was also the President of the UNCACEN organization (Central American and the Caribbean Union). Currently Warner is President of the Judges’ College of Costa Rica Kennel Club. He was designated delegate of Costa Rica in different General Assemblies of the FCI, member of the Legal Commission of the FCI.

Warner has judged in many countries throughout the world, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, together with New Zealand, South Africa and a number of Asian countries. Specialties judged around the world include Boston Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels (American), Poodles, Papillons, English Setters, Pointers, Australian Terriers, German Shepherds, Pugs, Pomeranians, Beagles, Yorkshire Terriers, Weimaraners, Great Danes, Hungarian Viszlas and Dobermanns.

Warner is a most experienced and respected judge with excellent credentials. RASV is very pleased to welcome Warner to the Royal Melbourne Show and this will be his first judging appointment in Australia. 



Group 2b Fox Terriers (Smooth)
Group 3b Balance of Breeds and Group 3 Specials
Group 4b Balance of Breeds and Group 4 Specials
Virginia Lyne started exhibiting purebred dogs in 1953 with a black American Cocker Spaniel who taught her a respectful appreciation of the need for determination in achieving her goals in purebred dogs. In 1960, as a result of a year in the United Kingdom, she started to breed and exhibit English Cocker Spaniels under the Ranzfel prefix.  Actively involved in Obedience as a trainer, instructor and subsequently a judge, as well as an active exhibitor in Conformation, she was approved to judge all obedience classes in 1968 and completed approval for the Sporting Group in 1969. By the end of the 1970’s she was approved as an All breeds judge.

Judging regularly in Canada and the USA Virginia has also judged extensively in many countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe, including National Specialties in multiple breeds.

She has served as President of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of Canada as well as a Director and Vice-President of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America.  She served on the U.S. parent club’s Illustrated Breed Standards Committee, and is currently on the breed standard revision committee for the ECSCC.

A life member of the Canadian Kennel Club, Virginia is a Past President of the Canadian Dog Judges Association.  For the past 25 years she has been the mentor of the Vancouver Island Dog Judges Study Group and is regularly involved in all aspects of judges education.

Virginia has judged previously at both Adelaide and Brisbane Royals and it is over a decade since she last judged in Australia.

Happily retired from a career in public education she continues to breed and judge regularly.



Group 1b Balance of Breeds and Group 1 Specials
Group 5a Shetland Sheepdogs
Group 6c Balance of Breeds and Group 6 Specials
Dusan Paunovic’s introduction to the world of dogs began when he purchased his first Chihuahua from Italy when he was 12 years old which went on to win at some of the largest dog shows in the world.

Currently, Dusan is President of the Toy Club, a position he has held for the last 10 years. He is extremely passionate about breeding and exhibiting his Chihuahuas under the prefix Microschihuas. Dusan has bred many World winners, European winners, together with international and national champions across five continents.

From early in his show career, Dusan was involved in ring stewarding, marking catalogues, translating for international judges in the ring and for critiques. He then started as a student judge, and his first licence was for FCI group nine (Companion and Toy Dogs). Now Dusan is a judge for all groups apart from a section of hunting dogs (FCI group 7).

Dusan is very well respected and has judged in 43 countries around the world, at some of the biggest shows including the 2014 Helsinki World Dog Show, several European Dog Shows, and Winner Shows in Helsinki, Amsterdam and Stockholm. He also judged at the Integra in Budapest in 2013. Some of the countries he has judged in include Russia, France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Ireland.

RASV is pleased to have Dusan as a judge at the Royal Melbourne Show, with this being his first ever visit to Australia. Dusan is excited to be visiting, and to judge our dogs, and will be a great asset to this year’s panel of judges. 



Group 1a Griffon Bruxellois, Havanese, Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Pinschers
Group 2a Bull Terriers, Bull Terrier (Miniature), Jack Russell Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Norwich Terriers
Group 3a Cocker Spaniels (American), German Shorthaired Pointers, German Wirehaired Pointers.
Group 4a Basenjis, Finnish Spitz, all Dachshunds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Group 6a Alaskan Malamutes
Group 7 Breeds and Group 7 Specials
Fabian is a licensed International FCI – Association Club Canino Colombianno All Breeds Judge. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Fabian is a Urologist by profession. He has been involved in dog showing from an early age, but his passion for French Bulldogs began when he purchased one in 2003.

Fabian started breeding French Bulldogs in a country region of Colombia. He was able to win Championship titles under the suffix Dazsan Du Upari, and since beginning his breeding, he has endeavoured to own and breed high quality, healthy specimens that compete in Colombia and in other countries across the Americas.

Fabian has also bred Norwich Terriers and Bull Terriers. For many years he has been heavily involved in the education of physicians in his specialty area through several undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Colombia. He has extended this commitment to the canine fancy. As a member of the Colombian Kennel Club Association, he participates actively in all educational events and in the process of training new judges, which he has carried out under the guidance of the Association.

Fabian has been a Board Member of the Kennel Club of Bogota and is currently President of the Kennel Club of Bogota, associated with the ACCC. He has also participated in the FCI Section America and the Caribbean, and been a delegate of Colombia to the General Assembly of the FCI.

Fabian has judged widely, visiting many countries of varying cultures and cynologies, through North and South America, Asia and Europe, including some excellent appointments with great judges and outstanding dogs.

This will be Fabian’s first trip to Australia, as he never accepted an invitation in the past, due mainly to his career commitments in his position at his hospital. However, Fabian gratefully accepted the invitation to adjudicate at the Royal Melbourne Show, and is keen to judge in Australia to confirm what many of his fellow judges have talked about – the beauty and high quality of the Australian dogs along with the hospitality and the great atmosphere of Australian dog shows. 





Justine Blyth has successfully bred and exhibited Staffordshire Bull Terriers under the Bustabones prefix with her husband Geoff for over 30 years.

They are breeders of Best In Show, Specialty CC and Royal Best In Group winning Staffordshire Bull Terriers and have made up over 30 Champions, 5 Supreme and 7 Grand Champions to date. Justine has also campaigned or owned French Bulldogs, Boxers, Welsh Corgi Pembrokes, Pointers and Shar Pei.

Justine obtained her All Breeds Judging license in 2010 and is an accredited ANKC tester. Justine has judged in all states and territories of Australia, both Islands of New Zealand and in several countries throughout Asia.

Justine was honoured in 2014 to judge the Staffordshire Bull Terrier National in USA and fortunate to be asked to award Best In Show at the Northern California Terrier Club Specialty Show, with over 300 entries.

Justine was the founding Secretary of the Sporting Terrier Club of Tasmania, and former Secretary of the Tasmanian Kennel Club – Australia’s oldest All Breeds Dog Club.

It is with pleasure that RASV welcomes Justine to her appointment to judge the 2017 Sweepstakes classes! 





James became an Agility judge in 1992 and gained his Games judging licence when Games commenced. James started Agility as a competitor in 1988 titling his first dog (German Shepherd) to Excellent and one Masters pass when the class first commenced.

Since taking up judging James’ appointments have taken him to many locations around metropolitan Melbourne allowing him to partake in the hobby he loves. Regular trips to regional Victoria and occasional interstate judging in locations such as Canberra, Adelaide, Mt Gambier, Hobart, Launceston, Queensland, Wagga Wagga, Albury and Darwin have provided new experiences for James and competitors alike, with great friendships forming from these trips.

Highlights of his judging career include judging the Victorian Top Dog of the Year in both Agility and Jumping, South Australian Dog of the Year, National Agility Trial 2003 and 2008, Launceston Royal and Hobart Royal. As a judge he loves providing a course that is fun, challenging and flows freely for all sizes of dogs and ability hence reaping rewards for the team that is fastest with the best controlled handling.

Outside of judging, James is married with 3 children. His wife regularly attends the trials with him and enjoys scribing and watching the participants.

James is excited about judging at the Royal Melbourne Show and RASV looks forward to having him judge our Agility Games classes.


JILL HOUSTON (WESTERN AUSTRALIA), Agility Jumping and Obedience

Jill’s hobby has taken her all over the world to give seminars and to judge obedience and agility trials.

Starting with competitive obedience in England with two Great Danes, Jill was fortunate enough to then include a German Shepherd Dog who loved competing and went on to become an Obedience Champion and one of the world’s best working dogs, qualifying for the Crufts Supreme Obedience Championships five times. Jill later had two top winning Border Collies and was happy to continue with this breed when she came to Australia. Since competing in Australia Jill’s dogs have won at the highest level including Western Classics, State Obedience trials, Royal Shows, Nationals plus Top Obedience Dogs of the Year and runner up four times.

Jill began judging in 1970 and since then has judged in England, Ireland, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore and many states of Australia. A fully qualified ANKC judge for Obedience, Agility, Rally O, and Dancing with Dogs, Jill enjoys judging as much as competing as both have their own but very different challenges.

Jill is looking forward to judging again in Melbourne and wishes everyone competing the very best of luck. RASV welcomes Jill to the 2017 Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show Judging Panel.