RASV have recently embarked on an Education Program to assist with monitoring and nurturing our curriculum for the future.

We’re currently developing a fun and educational program that is accessible to educators and students.

For many city kids, milk comes in a plastic bottle, eggs in a carton and oranges in a mesh bag – but how did they get to the supermarket shelf? Through this program, a brand-new package of primary lessons tapping into the fun of the Royal Melbourne Show has been created to assist students to learn about the origins of their food.

The Years 3 & 4 lesson The Show – Community Connections to Farming and Agriculture guides students in the development of a project to educate their community about a particular aspect of farming such as milk production, free range eggs or fruit pests.

Budding TV reporters get the opportunity to spin a yarn as part of the Year 5 & 6 lesson The Show – Connecting the Community to Farming and Agriculture where students will plan and create a TV-style report on a local food producer.

Four NAPLAN lessons have also been developed and all materials are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

RASV have signed a three year agreement with Cool Australia, a not-for-profit education organisation with an open, creative mindset and a contemporary approach. This partnership will help to design and deliver exceptional learning experiences.

RASV is seeking sponsorship to support this worthwhile program so that we can:

  • extend the program to reach secondary and tertiary educators and students
  • extend our topics to include real life topics such as the future of agriculture and what this means for me, and the application of technology in agriculture and food
  • continue to advocate and celebrate the food and fibre sector.

For further information or to get involved with the program, email