Please join us in welcoming Mr Andrew Munn to judge the alpaca fleece and Dr Rito Huayta and his interpreter Jose Berdejo to judge the Suri and Huacaya breeds to the 2019 Royal Melbourne Show Alpaca Competition.


The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria proudly welcomes our judge, Dr Rito Huayta to the 2019 Royal Melbourne Show Alpaca Competition.

Dr Huayta was born and raised in Puno, Peru and holds a veterinary degree and a Master’s degree in Andean livestock. He is a specialist in domestic South American camelids and has been studying his doctorate of Animal Science at the National University of the Altiplano, Puno University.

Mr Huayta’s entire career has been devoted to the breeding of Alpacas, working for some of Peru’s best farms including Rural Alianza, Pacomarka. For six of the years from 1996-2003, he was in charge selecting alpacas for exportation in the district of Nuñoa.

At present, he works for Quechua Benefit and is a private consultant on alpaca breeding and embryo transfer, a lecturer on genetic breeding and a renowned national and international alpaca judge with experience judging over 100 shows.


Andrew Munn established Alpha Centauri Alpacas with his wife Bronwyn in 2002. Andrew has held positions of committee member and President at AAA Regional level and was a member and Chair of the AAA Fibre Market Development Reference Panel.

Andrew is one of only a handful of qualified Professional Alpaca Wool Classers and he is very actively involved in the collection and classing of alpaca fibre for both Australian and international clients. Andrew is lucky enough to have his hands on over 100,000kg of both Huacaya and Suri fibre annually.

Andrew has been a judge since 2013 and has been fortunate to have judged many of our top shows in every Australian state. He is extremely privileged every time he has the opportunity to judge both animals or fleece and is excited by the continued advancements in the quality of both.


The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria proudly welcomes our interpreter, Mr Jose Berdejo to the 2019 Royal Melbourne Show Alpaca Competition.

Born and raised in Arequipa, Peru, Jose Berdejo holds an Agriculture Engineering degree from the University of San Agustin in Arequipa, Peru and a Sustainable Tourism Management Master’s Degree from the University of Costa Rica. 

He has been in the world of Alpacas since 1989 as an English - Spanish interpreter for the exportation of lamas and alpacas to the USA, Australia and England. Along with this he has worked at three national Alpaca Fiesta shows held in Arequipa.

He has led international breeders on tours to the best farms in Peru and at present he runs a tour company that offers specialised tours for lama and alpaca breeders that are interested in learning about the breeding and culture of the South American camelids. He has lectured on these topics in Peru and the United States.