New Champion Trophy

Champion Victorian Brewery presented by the Premier of Victoria

In 2020, a new trophy will be awarded to the Champion Victorian Brewery. To be eligible for a Champion Victorian Brewery Trophy, the brewery must be located in Victoria and must be the licencee brewer and Exhibitor of the awarded beers. The award will be judged on the brewery’s top four (4) scoring beers, at least one of which must be a Gold Medal-winning Exhibit.

New and Revised Classes

Split of 'Best IPA' Trophy into 'Best traditional IPA' and 'Best Modern IPA'

Due to an increasing entry numbers within the Best IPA category in recent years, for 2020 this trophy has been split in two separate trophies with the following classes:

Best Traditional IPA:

10A British-Style IPA
10B American Style IPA
10C Imperial/Double IPA
10D Black IPA

Best Modern IPA:

11A Hazy IPA
11B New World IPA
11C New England IPA
11D Session IPA

Introduction of Best Specialty Flavoured Beer

Due to an increase in entries, the 2020 AIBA sees the split of the Best Specialty Beer trophy into two trophies, Best Specialty Beer and Best Specialty Flavoured Beer. The classes for the two trophies are:

Best Specialty Beer:

19A Smoked
19B Gluten Free
19C Scotch Ale
19D Barley Wine
19E Other Specialty

Best Specialty Flavoured Beer:

20A Honey
20B Chocolate
20C Herb & Spice

Combination of Trophies from niche categories

In order to provide fairer recognition across the competition and reflect current trends in production, in 2020 a number of trophies with low entry numbers have been combined.
The ‘Best British-Style Ale’ and ‘Best European-Style Ale’ trophies have been combined into ‘Best British or European-Style Ale’ and Best Porter and Best Stout into ‘Best Porter or Stout’.
The ‘Best Scotch Ale or Barley Wine’ trophy has been removed with the Scotch Ale and Barley Wine classes now progressing to the ‘Best Specialty Beer’ trophy.