For the judging of the AICA, each class is assigned to a judging panel where entries will be blind tasted. Entries will be allocated a tasting order number, separate from their exhibit number to ensure the integrity of the judging process.

Coffees will be judged using a 60 point scoring system, with any gold medals awarded by a panel checked by the Head Judge for consistency. Any coffee awarded 54 - 60 points will be presented a gold medal, 49 - 53 points is a silver and 44 - 48 a bronze. 

The best gold medal-winning coffees of each category are then tasted and ranked using the Borda Method to determine the trophy winners. 

The judges may in their absolute discretion decline to make an award in any class. 

Judges for the AICA are selected from across the coffee industry and are engaged for their outstanding industry knowledge and expertise. 

Head Judge 2019 

Returning to the competition in 2019, Head Judge Melissa Caia, brings over 15 years industry experience and is the specialist barista trainer at the Coffee Academy at William Angliss Institute. Currently involved in national and state barista championships and various coffee events, Melissa enjoys sharing her skills, knowledge and experience mentoring future judges and coffee professionals each day. She will oversee several panels of judges to ensure the quality and integrity of judging is maintained.

Head Barista 2019

We also welcome back Adam Metelmann as Head Barista. Adam is an all-round coffee guy. With over 18 years industry experience over and 3 time ASCA Regional Barista Champion, Adam will oversee a team of trained Barista’s ensuring all AICA exhibits are handled and stored to optimum conditions and will work in conjunction with Head Judge to ensure the smooth flow of the judging process.