Why Should I Enter?

The Royal Melbourne Show Cat Championship takes place at the Show each year, with more than 115 cats groomed to purr-fection on display to the public.

Different breeds, including the Bengal, the elegant Siamese, the enormous Maine Coon and the fluffy Persian, compete across three categories: longhair, Siamese and Oriental breeds and all other shorthairs. There is also a category for household companion cats. The cats will be judged on everything from their form and shape to grooming and eye colour. The companion cats are judged on personality and presentation. The prestigious Championship attracts a panel of esteemed judges who provide invaluable feedback to exhibitors. The competition provides a unique platform for exhibitors to connect and engage with up to 40,000 visitors each day, whilst promoting the various feline breeds and responsible cat ownership. Cat owners will vie for the coveted Supreme rosette, with the winner announced during the Royal Melbourne Show.

2018 Highlights

The 2018 Championship star cat is Phantom, a beautiful Ragdoll with sparkling blue eyes. Phantom and other felines will be on show during the 2018 Royal Melbourne Show, from Monday 1 October to Tuesday 2 October.

A panel of esteemed judges with local and global feline judging experience has been confirmed for the 2018 Championship including:

  • Douglas Myer, Cat Fanciers Association All Breeds judge
  • Ian Rivett, The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Victoria and Australia All Breeds judge
  • Lesley Morgan, Cat Association Tasmania All Breeds judge
  • Meryle Frame, Feline Control Council Victoria All Breeds judge
  • Nick Tricarico, Queensland Feline Association All Breeds judge

Championship winners will be announced on Tuesday 2 October during the Supreme in Show presentations.