RASV is pleased to announce the following 2018 Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show judging panel:



Group 3b (Gundogs) Field Spaniels
Group 4a (Hounds) All Dachshunds, Deerhounds
Group 5b (Working) Balance of breeds & GROUP SPECIALS
Group 6b (Utility) Balance of breeds & GROUP SPECIALS
Group 7a (Non Sporting) Great Danes


Jeff has been going to dog shows from an early age. It all started when his mother (Ann Foxwell) decided that a Great Dane was the ideal breed for a family pet, and visited a local show where a lifelong interest began.

A ‘show’ Dane followed and the Auldmoor Great Dane kennel has gone on to produce a steady stream of Champions, both in the UK and around the world.

Jeff decided to have Miniature Wire Dachshunds as his own breed. Twenty-two Min Wire Champions have been made up by him, including three Crufts BOB winners and five different group winners. He has a separate interest in the Drakesleat kennel name.

Jeff has always had an interest in many breeds, and has also made up a Greyhound Champion and 2 Field Spaniel Show Champions, along with winning RCCs with a Basenji and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. He currently shares his home with a Champion Italian Greyhound and Champion Whippet.

Jeff first judged in 1982 and first awarded CCs in 1989 to Wire & Min Wire Dachshunds. He judged his first Hound Group in 2000 and BIS in 2003. Jeff is approved to award CCs in over 100 breeds, along with BIS and the seven UK groups. He judged the Hound Group at Crufts 2016 followed by Best in Show at Crufts in 2017.

Jeff has judged in many parts of the world including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Ireland, USA, Japan, South Africa, Trinidad & Barbados.

Jeff is currently a member of the Kennel Club Board and he is Vice Chairman of the UK Judges Committee.

RASV is most pleased to have a highly respected UK judge on the 2018 panel for his first judging appointment in Australia, and hopes Jeff enjoys his judging.


Group 2b (Terriers) Balance of breeds & GROUP SPECIALS 
Group 7b (Non Sporting) Balance of breeds & GROUP SPECIALS


Ivan has been involved in the canine world since 1977, when his parents purchased an Airedale Terrier to show, during which time he developed his great appreciation and love for dogs. In 1987 Ivan purchased his first Airedale Terrier bitch to show, obtaining his first Colombian Championship with her, sealing his involvement in the dog show world thereafter. 

Several more Airedales followed this bitch, then, in 1994, he imported his first Welsh Terrier, later importing his first Welsh Terrier brood bitch. Since his last Airedale Terrier passed away in 1997, he has dedicated himself exclusively to the Welsh Terrier breed. Many of his dogs have won well, including significant international wins at all breeds and specialty shows. 

Ivan is a former President and Honorary Member of the Colombian National Kennel Club and is currently a member of the Board of Directors. He is past President of the Colombian Terrier Association, being one of its founders. Ivan is also an active member of the Welsh Terrier Club of America and the Airedale Terrier Club of America. 

Ivan became an all breeds judge in 2002, and has since judged widely across the globe, including in South and Central America, the Caribbean, Canada, USA, Sweden (International Stockholm HUND 2012), Japan, China, Romania and South Africa. Ivan had the honor of judging the Welsh Terrier Club of America Sweepstakes in the National Specialty at Montgomery County Kennel Club, an assignment voted by the members of the Welsh Terrier Club of America. 

Ivan Sandoval is a civil engineer, working in the private sector in the construction business. RASV is delighted to welcome Ivan to Australia, this being his first visit to our shores.


Group 3c (Gundogs) Balance of breeds & GROUP SPECIALS
Group 4b (Hounds) Balance of breeds & GROUP SPECIALS


Jose was born in Lisbon, Portugal. His parents bred dogs and he has lived with dogs since birth. Jose breeds Basset Hounds under the ‘dos Sete Moinhos’ affix. Currently he own 11 Bassets and 4 Chihuahuas, all of whom live in the house, which in Jose’s opinion is very important for a well-adjusted dog, as they can socialise with the family and any visitors.

Jose’s hounds are based on European and American lines. He imported several dogs from the United States during the 1980’s, producing a very successful line. Over the past 30 years he has bred 143 Champions, residing in Europe, Scandinavia, South America, Latin America and India, including six European Winners and 13 World Winners.

Jose began judging his breed in 1986, and is now an FCI judge of all breeds and BIS. His judging assignments have taken him to many regions around the world, including North and South America, Australia, UK, Zimbabwe, Russia and many countries of Europe. Jose had the great honour of officiating at the UK Basset Hound Club Championship show in 2010 and Basset Hound Club of Southern California Show in 2005. Other highlights include the Paris World Dog Show, Geneva European Show and numerous Winner shows, as well as the FCI Centenary Show conducted in Brussels in 2011.

Jose is currently the President of the Portuguese Basset Hound Club and has served as a member of the Portuguese Kennel Club Board of Directors and several Portuguese Kennel Club committees. His busy work life sees him occupied as the co-owner of the family publishing company, the leading Portuguese foreign language book publisher.

Jose’s only previous appointment in Australia was a Hound Show in NSW in 2003 and RASV is thrilled to welcome Jose, a most esteemed and respected European judge, back to Australia after 15 years.


Group 1 (Toys) & GROUP SPECIALS 
Group 2a (Terriers) Jack Russell Terriers
Group 3a (Gundogs) Bracco Italiano, Italian Spinone, Labrador Retrievers, Lagotto Romagnolo
Group 5a (Working) Australian Shepherds, Finnish Lapphunds, Puli, White Swiss Shepherds
Group 6a (Utility) Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Dobermann, Siberian Huskies.


Francesco was born in 1963 in Rome, Italy, into a “dog family”. His father was a judge and, together with his mother, bred Poodles with the prefix “Della Perla Grigia”.

Francesco’s affix “Di San Gimignano” was recognized by the Italian Kennel Club in the year 1984. San Gimignano is a beautiful medieval town in Tuscany. At that time he bred Poodles, with lines from the UK Tiopepi Kennel. He began to breed and show Chihuahuas in 1996 after marrying a Chihuahua breeder Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti (Misty Meadow’s Chihuahuas). He has also bred Dobermanns, Boston Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers. 

Together, Francesco and Tuula have won many Championship titles with their Chihuahuas and Poodles, including World and European Winners. Together, they have bred more than 400 Champions. He is the writer of a Chihuahua book which has been translated in several different languages. 

Francesco became a judge in 1992 and in March 2013 he became an all-rounder. He has judged all over the world, in more than 45 different countries, including World and European Shows. He has judged BIS at many prestigious shows around the world and he had the honour to judge the group nine final at the European Show in 2012, and will judge the Group 9 final at the 2018 WDS.

Currently, the President of the Rome Kennel Club, he has also been Board member of the Italian Maltese and Bolognese Club and of Club Cani Compagnia, and the President of the Chihuahua Club (under Club Cani Compagnia). Francesco last judged in Australia in 2010. RASV is delighted he accepted this appointment a number of years ago and will return to Australian shores for the first time in eight years.



Linda grew up in a world of Dachshunds. Her parents purchased their first show Long Haired Dachshund when she was two years old to help alleviate any jealousy at the birth of her younger sister. The rest is history! June and Bill Weston went on to become very respected Dachshund exhibitors and breeders under the Fanfare prefix, and also All Breeds Judges.

Linda has bred and exhibited Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds for almost 40 years under the Briala Kennel prefix. During this time she has successfully bred and shown Australian Grand and Supreme Champions to Best in Show and other Class in Show awards.

Linda has been involved with a number of Hound, Gundog, Toy and Working Dog breeds. She has extensive experience owning and exhibiting a successful multiple Best in Show winning Pomeranian, as well as award-winning Shetland Sheepdogs. Linda has also exhibited English Setters and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to major awards.

Linda is a Life Member (35 Years) and Vice President of ACT Ladies Kennel Club and also a Life Member of the ACT Junior Kennel Club. She is also a long-term member of the Hound Club of the ACT and also worked long term as a Dogs ACT Councillor.

Linda’s judging journey began some 30 years ago, as she followed in the steps of her parents. She is now licensed as an ANKC All Breeds Judge and judged at this level for over 16 years, with broad judging experience in all groups. 

Linda has judged extensively internationally in countries including USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Ireland, South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, India, China, New Zealand and Indonesia. 

RASV is delighted to welcome Linda Stevens as a member of our 2018 Judging Panel.


Obedience, Agility & Jumping

Laura first became involved in dogs (in particular German Shepherds) as a very young child, going to dog competitions with her father. She commenced training her first GSD in 1993 at the age of 13 at her local dog club. She gained their CD title in 1993, CDX title in 1994 and after some difficult learning curves and a severe dog attack, attained their UD title in 2000. Laura has also trained another GSD to CDX level but stopped to concentrate on Agility. 

This dog achieved various titles in Agility, Jumping, Snooker, Gamblers and Strategic Pairs from 2002 till 2007 until having to retire due to severe arthritis. She is currently training her third GSD in Obedience, Agility and Rally O.

At the age of 13 she became the youngest instructor at Logan All Breeds Dog Obedience Club Inc., instructing all levels from Puppy to Trialing Class and is still an active instructor for the club. Due to her significant involvement in the club it was only natural for Laura to then become a Judge. In 1998 she was accepted on the Judges Trainee Panel, making her the youngest trainee judge in Australia. 

She was elevated to Senior Judge Status in 2003. After taking a year off to concentrate on Judging she was accepted on the Agility Training Panel in 2005 and elevated to full Status (Agility, Jumping and Games) in 2007.

Laura has judged in many locations within Australia including Queensland, where she has judged at the Brisbane Royal on several occasions, Western Australia, NSW and in Darwin. Her biggest judging highlight to date was the invitation to Judge Agility and Jumping in Malaysia. 

RASV welcome Laura to the Royal Melbourne Show and hope this appointment will become a new highlight.


Agility Games & Open Jumping

Sue started in Agility with her first dog Dougal in 2002. Together they had so much fun including qualifying for Victorian Top Dog Agility finals for six consecutive years and Top Jumping once, as well as representing Victoria three times in the Nationals Teams event in the ACT, SA and NSW. She has subsequently trained and trialed two more dogs to Masters level. 

She gained her Agility Judging license in 2005 and has enjoyed judging in Victoria and interstate. Judging highlights include Agility and Jumping at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2009, Victorian, NSW and WA Agility Nationals appointments including finals and judging twice at the Victorian Top Dog Agility competition. Sue has been judging Agility Games since their inception in 2006 and enjoys the variety of challenges and different atmosphere the Games events create. Her course design philosophy is that courses should be challenging but most of all fun. 

RASV look forward to Sue returning to judge at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2018 and are sure this will be a very popular appointment with competitors.