Conditions of Membership

1. Your membership card is your identification that you are a current financial member of the RASV.
2. Your membership card is valid from 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2022.
3. Your membership card is not transferable.
4. Any breach of membership conditions may result in confiscation of your membership card and/or cancellation of your membership.
5. Parent or Guardian must authorise membership for those aged 17 years and under.
6. Junior membership applies to those aged 17 years and under as at 1 April 2021.
7. Refunds are only negotiable (75% refund) when there is evidence from a qualified practitioner that injury, illness or death has occurred to the RASV member and they are unfit to attend the competition that they have exhibit/s entered into. Membership is not refundable for change of mind, change of scheduling or in any other circumstance unless a formal agreement is passed by the RASV Board in times of exceptional circumstance, including but not limited to the cancellation of the Royal Melbourne Show for a full calendar year.
8. Full members receive discounted competition entry fees in various Royal Melbourne Show Competitions. 
9. Restricted membership discounted competition entry fees apply to exhibitors in the Royal Melbourne Show Fleece Competition