It is normal for a distressing or frightening event to affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. Long-running fires in your local area can be extremely stressful and can trigger emotional, physical and psychological reactions. 

If at any time you are worried about your mental health or the mental health of a loved one, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

Our rural and regional communities are some of the most connected and stoic in Australia.  The following resources are available as a reference for regional Victorian’s that require support.  

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment – Social Support and Wellbeing  

National Centre for Farmer Health – Emotional and Social Wellbeing Support  

National Centre for Farmer Health – Managing Stress on the Farm  

Victorian Farmers Federation – Rural Mental Health Resources   

Farm Business Support Service  

Dairy Farmer Central 

Dry Seasons Support – Victorian Government 

Drought Assistance Information – Department of Agriculture & Water Resources 

Drought Concessional Loans Scheme – Department of Agriculture & Water Resources 

Drought Recovery Concessional Loans Scheme – Department of Agriculture & Water Resources 

Farmer Assistance Line – 8am – 8pm Monday – Friday – 13 23 16 

Farm Household Allowance – Department of Human Services – 13 23 16 

Farm Management Deposits (FMD) – how to access your FMDs after a natural disaster – Australian Taxation Office – 13 28 66 

Find a Rural Financial Counsellor – Department of Agriculture 

Serious hardship and natural disasters – payment arrangements for paying tax in times of serious hardship and natural disasters 

Taxation measures – The Australian Taxation Office can help people affected by drought. 

Victorian Drought Concessional Loans – administered by Rural Bank 

Your Bank’s Hardship Team Contact Details – Doing it Tough? 

Rural Support Organisations  

Agriculture Victoria – Dairy Support Page 

Australian Men’s Shed Association 

Australian Women in Agriculture 

Country Women’s Association Australia 

National Rural Women’s Coalition 

National Farmers Federation 

Victorian Farmers Federation