New State Shiraz Trophies

In 2019, RMWA introduces an innovation in the judging and awarding of Shiraz wines, the Best State Shiraz Trophies.

 The Royal Melbourne Wine Awards (RMWA) is recognised both within the industry and by the general public as one of Australia’s most prestigious wine shows. It brings together the very best Australian winemakers and producers and is renowned as a benchmark of excellence in wine production.

With our commitment to ensure we are recognising and rewarding Australia’s best wines, the awards and our schedule continue to evolve to meet changing industry expectations regarding wine style, winemaking techniques and market dynamics.

This year, we have reviewed and restructured how we award and recognise Shiraz. Shiraz is Australia’s most widely planted variety and the variety representing the largest number of RMWA entries, and for the first time, we will be awarding trophies for the Best Shiraz in each of State and Territory.

The seven (7) new trophies will be awarded to the highest scoring gold medal-winning Shiraz wine from each state and territory.

The new trophies will be: Best Australian Capital Territory Shiraz, Best New South Wales Shiraz, Best Queensland Shiraz, Best South Australian Shiraz, Best Tasmanian Shiraz, Best Victorian Shiraz and Best Western Australian Shiraz.

The winners of each state trophy will be tasted off against each other to award the Trevor Mast Trophy for Best Shiraz, adding to the prestige of this fantastic award.

Multi-state Shiraz wines will still be eligible for the Trevor Mast Trophy for Best Shiraz, with the top gold scoring multi-state shiraz wine tasted off against the state trophy winners.

Now more than ever before, the diverse nature of Australian Shiraz will be celebrated as part of Australia’s leading wine Show, the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards.

In 2019, RMWA also introduces three new varietal trophies:


Best Sauvignon Blanc Trophy

In keeping with current industry production, in 2019 the ‘Best Sauvignon Blanc or Blend of Semillon Sauvignon Blanc’ trophy has been removed, with the creation of the Best Sauvignon Blanc trophy.
The Blends of Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc classes (Classes 24 & 25) now progress to the Best White Blend Trophy.

Best Pinot Gris / Grigio Trophy

Pinot Gris/Grigio wines will now be eligible for the new Best Pinot Gris/Grigio trophy. Previously Pinot Gris/Grigio wines contended against other single varietal white wines for the Best Single Varietal White trophy.

Best Grenache Trophy

In order to better reflect changes in wine production, ‘Best Grenache, Associated Varieties & Blends’ has been updated to the new Best Grenache trophy.
Non-Grenache single varietal wines previously entered into ‘Best Grenache, Associated Varieties & Blends’ should now be entered into Single Varietal Red (Classes 48 to 50) and blends should be entered into Red Blends (Classes 54 & 55).