Why Should I Enter?

Each year the Beef Cattle Competition takes place as part of the Royal Melbourne Show, with more than 600 cattle shown over the 11 days of the Show.

Exhibitors compete to win significant prize money and major awards, including the prestigious Interbreed Supreme Beef Exhibit trophy and the Wellcom Supreme Sire Award. 
Encouraging excellence in beef cattle breeding, the competition provides exhibitors with the opportunity to benchmark their stock and receive invaluable feedback from judges.  
With emphasis put on delivering an exceptional exhibitor experience, the competition includes high calibre judges, exhibitor facilities and results technology. 
Through a series of cattle parades and judging in the Grand Pavilion, the competition is a platform for educating the public and celebrating the beef industry. 

The McLardy McShane Insurance and Financial Brokers ‘Cash Bonanza’
New in 2018, ineligible beef cattle interbreed exhibitors will be entered in the McLardy McShane Insurance and Financial Broker Cash Bonanza for a chance to win up to $500 cash. If you are present at the interbreed judging and your name is lucky enough to be read out, you will instantly win. 

Recognising the future of the beef industry
The Matthew George Young Stockman award will be presented at the Royal Melbourne Show at 7.00pm on Friday 24 September in the Livestock Pavilion. The award provides young people with an overseas study tour of beef cattle properties to view their breeding programs and practices.